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10:02 am - Sat, Feb 18, 2012
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Three Ways To Wear: Doc Martens

Three Ways to wear: Doc Martens
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Good morning Starshine! The Earth Says hello!!!!! (oops getting off on a tangent). It’d be an understatement to say that i love doc martens (but i will anyways). I got my first pair about two years ago and immediately fell in love with them! There is just something about them that is so universally cool! So it got me thinking: how many ways can you in fact wear these shoes? Of course today we will be only covering three ways to wear them, but the possibilities with these shoes are endless. So lets begin!

1960s school girl
Recently i saw pictures from Marc by Marc Jacob’s Fall 2012 line, which had a very 1950s look to it. I absolutely love how he took the classic 1950s look and added combat boots into the mix. So that inspired our first look. With a dress like this, the doc martens add a bit of an edge to it. Also wearing the oxford type of doc marten adds a spin to the typical styling of oxfords. I can imagine letting the socks drape around the shoe, adding a bit of spunk to the outfit. 

this outfit features:
Asos/ fit and flare dress/ $39
Asos/Grey socks/ $14
Doc Martens/ “Welton” shoe/ $90
Zara/ Glitter clutch/ $30

As most of you know by now, grunge is one of the styles i like to add into my outfits. There is something so cool about the mix of patterns, textures, and fabrics associated with Grunge.  The best part of grunge is that you can do the whole “i just rolled out of bed” look and still look awesome (which is what grunge basically is).  The doc martens in this situation accent the detailing of the roses on the shortalls, while the cream color of the tights and beanie keep you comfortable in the winter weather. 

This outfit features:
American Apparel/ Tri-Blend short sleeve t-shirt/ $22
Papaya/ floral  shortalls/ $24
Doc Martens/ pink / $120
JCpennys/ back pack/ $16

Last (but not least) we talk about punk. When i think of Punk i always picture Green Day’s character Whatshername. What i’d probably do is grab a pair of denim shorts, fishnet-like stockings, and a sweatshirt like the one pictured and call it a day. With this look i knew that i’d want to feature knee high doc martens (and not just because i got my own pair of them). Punk is very much about the attitude, aka “i don’t give a damn about my reputation!” Just listen to the song “St. Jimmy”  by Green Day and you’ll get the whole attitude. 

this look features:
 fashionpunk.com/ Punk’s not dead sweatshirt/ $40
dorthy perkins/ jean shorts/ $39
Forever 21/ diamond tights/ $5.80
Nordstrom/ 1B60 20 eye doc martens/ $150

But today i’d also like to open it up to the public:

How do you wear your doc martens?  

submit a photo and you can be featured in one of our “Class Style” posts.   
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